New Comments Policy

Basically, I believe in having a free speech zone.

A big part of the problem we face in America today is that, although we have a First Amendment, we are afraid of exercising our right to free speech because we don’t want to offend someone, or we are afraid someone is going to call us “racist” – and we know that being called “racist” is the worst imaginable fate!

So, I have had an open comments policy.

But, I have been getting SPAM comments – literally hundreds of them. Some idiot posts a very general comment that almost sounds legit, with a fake email address, and a link to some website that purportedly sells something.

Enough – I am tired of having to review and delete this stupid stuff.

Also, having it on a post, if even temporarily, detracts from intelligent comments that people are making – and the real comments I have had so far are definitely in this category!

So, if you wish to comment, feel free. But, to do so, you will need to establish a free WORDPRESS account and log in.

After that, go ahead and comment. Don’t expect me to respond to everything. If your comment seems to threaten illegal activity – for example, you threaten an elected official – I may pass the information on to appropriate law enforcement, depending on how serious I think you might be.

Otherwise, while I appreciate comments and will read them as soon as I can, if you are here to say something stupid, I really don’t give a rodent’s posterior.

So far, except for the SPAM, I have had very intelligent, very useful comments, and I really appreciate those.

Please keep in mind that different people have different perspectives on things. Not everyone speaks English fluently and, even if someone does, they might have a different dialect, or come from a different cultural background, so communication can be difficult at times. Please have patience with others, and try to understand what people are saying. Also keep in mind that we may learn more by reading comments that we disagree with, or that even seem dumb at first, so keep and open mind and try to understand what people are saying.


659 Replies to “New Comments Policy”

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