You Will Struggle – But Why and For What?

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It’s not just the ANC, not just South Africa; this is how government works, and America’s founders understood this fact.

Just think about the absolute monarchy that was France in the mid-Eighteenth Century, at the time of America’s founding. Even if the famous saying of Louis XIV (1638-1715), “L’Etat, c’est moi” (“I am the State”), is apocryphal, the attitude most certainly was both authentic and widely-held among the ruling classes. Even as late as the early Twentieth Century, Russia remained an absolute monarchy.

America’s founders really understood both government and human nature. That’s why they gave us such an inefficient government, with power limited, balanced and checked. That’s why they codified our rights in our Constitution, after having first explained in our Declaration of Independence that these rights are OURS, given to us by our Creator, and that it is WE who give power to the government, not a government who empowers us.

Government power grows at the expense of people.

The English-speaking world struggled over the course of centuries to take power away from monarchs and put it in the hands of people; the American Revolution was a natural consequence of this. Before our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, there had been in the English-speaking world the Magna Carta Libertatum (1215), the Petition of Right (1628) and the English Bill of Rights (1689). The American Revolution happened exactly because the colonies were English-speaking, and there had been this centuries-old tradition of people fighting to be treated as citizens, and not as subjects or serfs: the American Revolution did not happen in the Spanish-speaking world; it came before and was very different from the French Revolution.

And after America was established, it wasn’t finished; we still had to fight to end slavery, enfranchise women….

Bear in mind, the fight to end slavery almost destroyed our nation, and in the event, keeping the country together while ending slavery cost America very dearly. When is America going to pay reparations for slavery? We already did: well over half a million men died in combat to end that terrible institution, not to mention all those wounded, the families and communities destroyed, lives ruined. But their sacrifice was most certainly not in vain, because since the first shots were fired at Lexington in 1775, Americans have led the way in freeing themselves and each other, and the whole world, from the brutal yoke of the tyrant.

Don’t take my word for it; ask the victims of German Nazi and Japanese Militarist aggression: in just a few short years, just those two countries managed to enslave most of Europe and much of Asia and the Western Pacific. Many, including the English-speaking world, resisted bravely, but it was when Japan foolishly and treacherously motivated the great Bald Eagle to leave her nest that their days truly became numbered. Imperialists took comfort women and destroyed Nanking, Nazis took European capitals and established death camps – and they called this war, celebrating a “victory” at Pearl Harbor. But when we Americans wage war, we wage the real thing: Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan were both left in ruins, while the war finally ended with Japanese officials agreeing to their own unconditional surrender aboard an American battleship at anchor in the bay of their own capital city, which itself was thoroughly bombed-out.

America is not perfect; far from it. Ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and people are only human; we are not perfect, and neither is the government we establish.

Far better to live in imperfect freedom, with an imperfect government that we establish to safeguard our rights, than to live in perfect tyranny with promises that a perfect society is just over the horizon.

That’s why, as I write this, there is a caravan of thousands walking toward the American border. They would rather cross over here without our permission and live illegally in this imperfect nation, than to remain where they are, in abject and dismal poverty, oppressed by corrupt governments and criminal gangs – but with their presence under those conditions perfectly lawful.

Make no mistake about it: The struggle for freedom is still not over; liberty in America is not Revolutionary, as much as it is Evolutionary.

But the way human society works is that power gets concentrated in the hands of a controlling few.

People must inform themselves and be actively vigilant to further the evolution of freedom and prevent that from happening.

If you don’t stay abreast of what is going on, if you say and do nothing when you have a concern, then you will naturally gravitate toward oppression – call it socialism, call it slavery, the result is the same: those in power will take charge of housing, feeding, clothing and educating you, and will organize your work; your house will be a prison, even though you may have voted for it and you may even find it comfortable.

To be free, you must struggle every day.

And you will struggle every day; the choice is yours whether you struggle to be free, or whether you struggle under the yoke of socialism, slavery or some other fancy word that still means one thing: tyrannical oppression, the embodiment of Hell manifesting itself in this Earthly realm.

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