Senator Scott – Please Look at South Africa!

A message I submitted to Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina through his website this afternoon:

I tried calling your Columbia office a couple of times; the machine tells me I have a chance to leave a message, then almost immediately disconnects.

I have tagged your Twitter-verified account with information dealing with South Africa.

It’s complicated, but the ruling ANC is strengthening its ties to China – not investments, but party-to–party, trying to learn one-party rule from the Chinese Communist Party. Nationally, the only other party getting traction is a militant communist group called the EFF. It was started by the former leader of the ANC Youth League, after they received military-style training at South African Defense Force bases. (For comparison, imagine if a ruling political party here in the US gave training to KKK members on US military bases.) It is a black-supremacist group, calling for the murder of people of European descent. South Africa has had outbreaks of violence frequently, in addition to being very crime ridden. There is violence based on ethnic groups and xenophobia.

The moves to take land without paying the owners will impact food production. Farm attacks, with excessive violence and torture against commercial farmers, have already caused the price of food to go up and driven farmers out of business; South Africa used to export, now imports food. This is in a land where more than 5 million people live in squatters’ camps, and one quarter of the population is unemployed, surviving on the equivalent of 1.25 USD a day. The move against private property will worsen things dramatically; more identity-politics and deficit-spending will spiral it downhill.

There are no regional powers that can turn it around. South Africa has the second-largest and most developed economy in Africa; it is a treasure-house of minerals needed for world industry, it produces coal, there is undeveloped reserves of petroleum (both offshore and unconventional), and the country sits astride important sea lanes.

When it collapses, there will be famine, and refugees will flood about a third of Africa – which is already stressed with crises.

On top of that, the Islamic State has been identified as present and responsible for bombings in Durban; Islamic extremists are destabilizing much of Mozambique to the north. Moreover, South Africa is now a major transshipment point for Afghan heroin along the Southern Route – indeed, the heroin drives a significant increase over an already very high crime rate.

China is ahead of the game, having sold late-model surface-to-air missiles to neighboring Zimbabwe. These missiles are a poor-man’s Patriot; there is no threat Zimbabwe faces that would require these defenses, except possibly South Africa, or a Western intervention in the region.

You need to have your staff look into this. It will be a problem – sooner, not later.

I called Senator Graham’s and Congressman Wilson’s offices earlier this week. They really listened to me for a while, and promised to pass my concerns on.

It’s a blessing to have three outstanding elected officials represent me in the US Capitol; I hope they take this seriously.

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