South Africa Farm Attacks: The Hashtags of It All

Let’s start at the #beginning…

Let’s #meetSouthAfrica. #SouthAfrica is where this situation with attacks on #farms is occurring.

You will see the #hashtags #FarmAttack and #FarmAttacks. Often, the singular will be found with information about a new incident, while the plural refers more to the attacks taken as a whole. I generally use the plural, because I’m looking at the big picture, the patterns. But, quite often, you see them both together.

(Of course, the hashtag #SouthAfricaFarmers is used to call attention to both the “who” and the “where” of the story, but not to the “what”.)

In the same context, you will see #FarmMurder and #FarmMurders.

It should be noted that not every #FarmAttack results in a #FarmMurder. The attacks often have a #motive of #intimidation, as if the goal is to instill #fear in the #farmingcommunity and #terrorize them. As such, it is not uncommon that the #attackers simply get in close, open fire and shoot the place up, then leave quickly. Frequently, the attackers are not interested in #money or other #valuables, though they generally are interested in any #weapons they can procure during the attack. Of course, acquisition of money and valuables does occur – there are times when attackers get away with the equivalent of less than 10 USD.

We need to keep in mind that there are very persistent reports that attackers are well-organized, well-equipped… the attackers have a #surveillance #network, they have a #communications #network… they know when the #farmers will be home, and when the farmers are vulnerable. The attackers have been known to arrive with #cellphone jamming equipment. And, regarding training and capability, the attackers have been known to recover the spent shell casings before running off into the countryside to rendezvous with transportation.

This suggests military-style training, and equipment that would be impressive even in criminal operations in Europe or North America.

And, such a system cannot be supported by either leaving the money and valuables behind, or by making off with less than ten dollars.

In other words, this is not a self-supporting operation; it is not #profitable.

Somebody is allocating resources – from a deep and well-connected pocket – to make this happen.

Attackers brag that they are connected to #corrupt #government #officials and to organized crime; they will not suffer #punishment.

And, sure enough, they sometimes do not get caught, even when encountered by #police. And, farmers who have successfully defended themselves have been known to be prosecuted for their actions! Somebody is paying #protection money, and it’s obviously not the farmers through their #taxes.

There are patterns underlying these farm attacks that suggest an ulterior motive, which includes terrorizing the farmers off the land; the patterns suggest #FarmAttacks in #SouthAfrica are perpetrated either by a government-sponsored #militia or by organized crime.

Whatever the #intent of the attacks, the result is that many white farmers are leaving. After generations on the land, they now feel that to protect their families, they must move on and do something else. So, regardless of the intent, the reality is #EthnicCleansing of the rural farm communities, since it is mainly white people who are leaving under pressure of the attacks.

#Farming anywhere is a challenging #business. It is hard work, and it requires not just #knowledge, but also #experience. Making a #profit can be difficult, even under ideal circumstances. When you are having to spend your resources on #security, #costs go up, and so the price of the farm products goes up, as well, to pay for increased #overhead.

This impacts the #SouthAfrican #economy. Food prices go up. For rich people, that’s not a problem – they have money. But for people struggling to get by, that’s a real problem!

It is worth taking into account that one-fourth of South Africans are unemployed, getting by on the equivalent of 1.25 USD a day. Many blacks are dealing with the fallout from #Apartheid. The communities they live in are a long #commute from the places where they work; the #FuelPriceHike is making it more expensive to commute those long distances. So, just getting by and raising a #family is difficult; nevermind that their country has become a #MurderCapital. They certainly don’t need #inflation of #FoodPrices, which adds #FoodSecurity to the list of concerns they now have.

If long-established #farmers are driven out of business, could this result in #famine or a #refugee #crisis?

If so, this would destabilize not just the country, but the region.

Keep in mind that South Africa is at the tip of #Africa – astride important #ShippingLanes between the #IndianOcean and #Atlantic. Trouble in #Somalia, #Yemen or #Eritrea (and there are problems in all those places!) could cause shipping through the #RedSea to be diverted around #SouthernAfrica instead. Similarly, trouble in #Egypt could close the #SuezCanal, thereby sending #shipping, including #oil from the #MiddleEast and #PersianGulf, around Africa. Under these circumstances, control of South Africa would be important.

We won’t even get into the #mineral resources that South Africa has, which include, but are certainly not limited to, #gold, #coal, #diamonds. Of course, its #MineralResources go far beyond that, and are needed by nearly all the world’s #IndustrialPowers.

Back to the de facto #EthnicCleansing… the situation in South Africa is generally accepted to be on stage 6 of the 10 stages of #genocide, although elements of the next four stages are also present. While I think cries of genocide and #WhiteGenocide are #alarmist and perhaps counterproductive – as it appears people are crying “wolf” – the fact remains that the people who are saying this actually believe they are seeing it happen, and have dead bodies to prove it. (Politicians singing “#KillTheBoer” is one of those stages, by the way.)

The victims of the #FarmMurders aside, #FarmAttacks are characterized by gratuitous, brutal #violence. #Torture is supposed to be outlawed by civilized nations, but it is routinely used in these attacks. And if you look at accounts of #BoerTestimony, you will see that “torture” is almost an #understatement.

By the way – do you actually know who the #Boer are?

And, as I have said: if someone can get away with torturing and killing and driving these people (or anyone else, for that matter) off their land in this day and age, then no one is safe. So, from that perspective, we all have a horse in this race; we are all #BoerNow.

So, welcome to the world of #hashtagging the farm attacks in South Africa!

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