Tami Carlone Looks Into Voter Fraud

Tami Carlone ran for the Michigan State Board of Education in this election cycle. A Republican, her campaign was unsuccessful; this cycle put two Democrats on the board.

I have liked the Facebook pages of quite a few Republican organizations, and one of them shared her post. Here it is, in its entirety:

Folks – you asked me to look into voter fraud – I finally dug in after the hundreth request. Being a CPA and Process Improvement Expert makes it easy.

The results could not be more clear – our elections are full of fraud. Before I share some input, let me tell you where I am now and what is happening.

Mama isn’t happy- can you tell?

I am at the Wayne County Board of Canvassers meeting to share my concerns. It was to start at 3:30. It is now past 5:30 and they are nowhere near starting. Add that to my list. I asked the board to postpone and they said no; today last day to certify election results. I said public must be able to take part in these meetings and by posting the time and not holding to it – and refusing to reschedule – they are keeping that from happening.

Here is the presentation I wont be able to give:
Wayne Bd of Canvassers 11/20/18

3:30 start time
Past 5:30 – still not started – results report not printed – s/b done and reviewed in advance!

Tami SBE top vote getter until wayne hit almost end of next day
Voters want to know what takes Wayne a full day longer than the other 82 counties?

Many people looking for Wayne detailed results – by city/precinct in Wayne site – do u know when it will be posted. S/b well before this mtg.

I would like to request a full audit of Wayne results.
As a CPA and Process Improvement Expert – I have to say – I took a look at the numbers and the process and there is no way they are accurate.
I can provide details to you but a top level look at the numbers makes it clear the numbers don’t add up;
and discussion with people involved in elections at state, county and city levels makes it clear – many people have already identified a huge lack of controls in the process.

Wayne population ~1.7 million and ~1.3 million registered voters. Not possible – take out kids alone and statistically not possible.
665,278 ballots cast in Wayne ; statistically very highly unlikely (51% of registered voters but that number clearly way too high – w/ only a 20% reduction number becomes 64% voter turnout);
560,039 votes for an SBE seat – statistically very highly unlikely – esp w/o straight ticket voting.

I took part in the 2016 recount in Oakland County and saw fraud with my own eyes.
I had friends in the Wayne recount and they saw the same. Couldn’t even continue the recount. What has been done?
Take the list of precincts where there were empty and nearly empty locked ballot boxes and start your audit there.

You must take a look at the absentee ballot process – people there saw paid staffers filling in ballots in full – front to back – with how they wanted the votes – not how the ballots they were duplicating were intended.
Those people were told to re-do and were not sent home for their fraud.
The process should have registered Rep and Dem voters and a witness at each station.
No controls or controls not followed takes away our ability to certify or trust election results.
People there noticed ballots came in loose and free – with no control.
In the process from clerks office to COBO – and thru that process – what control process of physical ballots and how do we know ballots not made up since ballots laying loose all around?

One team of watchers at COBO asked for the list of absentee ballots asked for by voters per precinct to compare to count put thru machines and they told it exists but they don’t have it there. Why not?!
They asked computer guy if ballots could be put thru more than once and he said yes. Ballot machines were unlocked.

Clearly, in addition to controls needing to be put into place, poll workers need to be trained way better and accountability needs to be put in place, ETC. I would like to conduct a top down and bottom up analysis and submit a report of recommended changes AND I would like to manage the implementation. This is what a Process Improvement Expert does. Being a CPA – a numbers and controls expert – is a perfect fit. I can’t think of a better use of these skills outside of fixing education than election integrity. Ruth Johnson – are you in? We have a month in the drivers seat.

The accompanying photos with their captions:

Mama’s not happy. I hate cheating and I hate inefficiency – ESP when We The People are paying for it! #ElectionIntegrity

Wayne County Board of Canvassers room in Detroit, MI.

Board of Canvassers in each county is 2 appointed Republicans and two appointed Democrats. This is after 2 hours of waiting for the meeting to start. Room was full when I arrived and those people left by the time the Board started (I had to leave for Bible study – as did a Board member!) – so the people were never heard… I told them my message would be on FB for them to see and I await their response.


Watch for further information regarding this matter. : )